Eastern Laminates 

Stylish laminates are as beautiful as they are durable. Offering outstanding protection and remarkable charm, this affordable alternative to natural wood is incredibly versatile and can be installed with ease in any room.  Offering both exotic and domestic looks, our laminates are made to stand up to high residential traffic and impact without the cost and maintenance of hardwood. Laminates offer simplicity throughout the installation process, making them ideal for DIY projects. It is important to note that Eastern Flooring Laminates are all tested by an independant third-party, the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (www.rfci.com), and are certified under the Floor Score Certification Seal®.  This means that all of our products meet or exceed low emission levels of VOCs, including formaldehyde.

Advantages of Laminate

There are three main laminate flooring benefits: cost, ease of installation, and durability. The ability to add a smart, sophisticated look to any room at a price far less than that of real wood is laminate’s biggest benefit. This flooring option is a low maintenance value that will last for years and look as impeccable tomorrow as it does today. Did you know that laminate flooring is approximately fifteen times stronger than hardwood flooring? High traffic areas won’t show their wear on laminate like they may on other flooring options. Laminate is exceptionally wear, stain, fade, burn, dent and scratch resistant. Eastern Laminate’s floating installation method “Linc-n-Loc,” makes DIY projects a snap. Easy to follow instructions promise a hassel-free flooring experience.


Flooring Choices

Pleasing Look8 mm thickness

Featuring 2 hickory and 2 exotic styles

Sutton Ridge12 mm thickness

A naturally detailed finish in 4 winning colors.

Homestead12 mm thickness

A beautiful mix of 2 traditional and 2 exotic styles.

Monticello12 mm thickness

A modern and versatile style in a 4.5" width.

Timberland | Light Woodgrain Embossing, 12.3 mm thickness

A narrower width plank, with 5 different looks. A 4 sided-bevel Satin Finish that will add both a  Rustic or Formal look to any floor.

Timeless Hickory | 12 mm thickness

A traditional American hickory look in a flooring with a distressed stye.


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