About Us

Whether it’s the real thing, or too closely matched to tell; Eastern Flooring makes it possible for you to bring nature inside. Like nature, Eastern Flooring is beauty that stands the test of time. We have cultivated the natural magnificence of real wood and expertly crafted it into pre-finished hardwood floors known for their classic everyday glamour and long lasting reliability. Classic, or exotic, hand-scraped or smooth we have spectacular collections for you to choose from.

Wear, fade, stain, and burn resistant laminates have been produced to allow our customers financial flexibility without having to bend on the style and benefits they’re searching for. We’ve designed our products specifically with our customer’s in mind. Offering several solid wood, engineered and laminate choices, Eastern Flooring Products boasts an impressive selection of flooring options

Responsible Harvesting

Manufacturing hand in hand with Mother Nature, Eastern Flooring Products is eco-friendly by ensuring our wood is harvested from well managed forests. Future sustainability is provided by replanting trees where others were cut so that while we maintain the integrity of our products, our earth can continue to endure. Our manufacturers work seamlessly with the environment so future generations won’t be compromised.



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